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2014-15 Academic Symposium

The Pursuit of Happiness:  Is it possible in our violent world?

Keynote Event March 24, 2015 6:00-7:45 pm Stayer Center Auditorium

Everyone seeks happiness.  Yet, we all live with violence in our world.  Whether in one's family or at work or with friends, happiness is the number one goal of life, yet violence seems to be on the rise.  The United States Constitution, along with "life and liberty" says that "the pursuit of happiness" is one of its major goals.  When some people pursue happiness, could it be only as a disguised chase for personal accumulation of power, fame and/or fortune?  Or is the pursuit of happiness like chasing a mirage in the desert, always looking for personal pleasure while ignoring social pain?  One person's pursuit of happiness may conflict (sometimes violently) with another's pursuit.  Because we spend so much time, energy and enthusiasm seeking happiness and because violence seems so integrated with human life, should we not as a community ponder the essence of happiness in the midst of violence?

We will address this encompassing issue, and learn, discuss, debate, understand, and reflect  upon "the pursuit of happiness" at Marian University's 12th Academic Symposium.


This event is free and open to the public.



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Adult accelerated undergraduate programs came to be known as MAAP in 1995 – Marian Adult Accelerated Programs. Now they are Adult and Graduate Programs.

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