The questions below are key questions that this symposium wishes to address.

  • How do individuals, special interest groups, the courts, and the Constitution define Freedom of Speech?
  • What is the foundation of freedom of speech?  How has it evolved?
  • At what point do the rights of the group, override the rights of the individual?
  • Is policing free speech securing our safety or violating our freedom?
  • What can we do as individuals and as community members to increase civility without suppressing freedom of speech?
  • Are there inequities in accountability to civility?
  • Is civility really creating a more civilized society?  Is there a relationship between incivility and violence?
  • What is the effect of civility, in the form of political correctness, on the evolution of language?
  • Should we consider editing history and literature for the sake of political correctness – are we destroying the historical record?
  • Will censoring social media curb free speech?
  • Does the accessibility and perceived anonymity of social media give users license to engage in conduct which would otherwise be reprehensible and/or illegal and cause irreparable harm and even death?
  • What is the news media’s role in promoting civility and free speech in a democracy?
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