Marian University professor's photography featured as part of London's Fashion Week

October 17, 2012

FOND DU LAC, Wis. - Shane McAdams, a local artist and adjunct professor at Marian University, was showcased as part of a designer collaboration for London's Fashion Week.

Premiering on the runway in London this past September, McAdams' photography inspired fashion designer Matthew Williamson, and was a mainstay in Williamson's 2012-13 spring and summer collections.

"Though my art work and Matthew Williamson's fashion take very different forms, there are basic similarities that drew us into collaboration. My work is involved in material transformation," said McAdams. "Likewise, Matthew saw my work and how it could be transformed into prints -- something I was skeptical about when he contacted me. But after seeing the runway show, I was impressed with his vision."

In line with Williamson's India-inspired fashions, McAdams images in his "Synthetic Landscape" series features kaleidoscopic canvases created from ballpoint pens, oil, and resin, and were incorporated into Williamson's printed designs. Williamson's collection includes multiple colors, prints, textures, and embellishments, which are interweaved with McAdams images.

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Dorcas Chapel was built in 1966 and named for the seamstress Dorcas who shared her talents with Saint Paul. The chapel was designed to look like a sewing basket with the cross on top portraying a needle (Source: Marian University Archives).

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