What services do you provide during the Academic Year?
Students receive academic counseling and support, study skills training, and other services to help them fine-tune their academic skills and confidence including regular individual meetings with program staff. Sessions are held either at Marian University, Fond du Lac High School, or Horace Mann High School. Topics include: study skills, PSAT/SAT workshops, career development, financial aid, computer technology. College visits, cultural activities, field trips, community service and other special events are included as part of the academic year experience.

What services do you provide during the Summer Program?
The summer academic initiatives accentuate on skill development and improvement in subjects such as mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences, technology, and languages. The program instructions include a combination of guest presenters, workshops, field trips, and hands-on activities that engage students and facilitate their exposure to a wide variety of career opportunities in mathematics and sciences.
The Summer Program is a six-week nonresidential, college immersion experience centered on innovative science and math programming.

How long does the summer program last?
The summer program will be six weeks in length.

Where is the summer program held?
The summer program will be held on the Marian University campus. We will take field trips around the county of Fond du Lac and the State of Wisconsin. All transportation to field trip sites will be provided by the program.

Do I have to come to everything?
Yes, students should be available to all classes, workshops, tutoring, and counseling sessions during the academic year. In addition, all students who have not yet graduated from high school should make a commitment to attend and complete the summer program. Seniors who have graduated will be expected to participate in the Summer Bridge Program. The dates for each component are communicated to students (and parents) in advance.

What are the expectations of participants?
In order to be part of UBMS, students need to commit to the following:
1. Attend school (scheduled classes, labs, etc.) regularly.
2. Enroll in rigorous course of study including college preparatory courses
3. Maintain satisfactory academic progress in all classes and a minimum GPA of 2.50.
4. Meet regularly with UBMS staff when they visit their school during the school year.
5. Attend UBMS activities and meetings during the school year.
6. Attend and complete the six-week summer program

How does UBMS know my academic needs?
Once students are accepted to the program, they will meet with Program Staff to discuss what needs exist. We will also use GPA, test scores, grades, and interests in determining academic need.

Do I have to be a high achieving student to be considered?
You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher or must have a GPA or 2.0 or higher for you most recent semester GPA. Regardless, you do need to have a sincere interest in attending college and improving on performance in high school.

So this is a remedial program?
No it is not. We will work with students to determine individual need. The courses that we offer during our summer program are experiential in nature and are designed to build upon what students are learning in their schools.

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