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Connecting cultures through language.

Learning about different cultures in our world is exciting to you. You’re inspired to promote understanding and respect for global cultural diversity. That’s why you’re interested in Marian University’s Spanish program, where you can learn more about the language, customs, traditions and literature of Spain and Latin America.

The Program
Through Marian’s Spanish program, you’ll advance the study of language, literature and culture, and engage in challenging classes that focus on both the historical and contemporary perspectives.

The Possibilities
As part of the Spanish program, you will find personal, one-on-one support from faculty, and enhance career-related skills including communication, human relations, research and problem solving. In addition, you’ll engage in field experiences as early as your sophomore year, and have the opportunity to engage in a semester-long study abroad experience in a Spanish-speaking country, including Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru.

The Results
As a graduate of the Spanish program, you will find increasing opportunities for leadership and lucrative employment, especially in our culturally diverse, global economy. You’ll be prepared for graduate studies and professional applications in fields such as education, international relations, Latin American studies, law, anthropology, history, art, social work, journalism, criminal justice and nursing.

The Marian Difference
Through an applied learning approach, you’ll find Marian’s Spanish program prepares you for success in a variety of careers. You’ll be inspired by personal, one-on-one attention from expert faculty, who are dedicated to the study and teaching of language and culture.


A Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Marian University will prepare students for their first professional experience after graduation. Students will study how to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world of business, education, healthcare or a social service profession.

As a Marian University Spanish graduate, in our culturally diverse, global economy, you will find increasing opportunities for leadership and lucrative employment or graduate school opportunities. Individuals speaking Spanish are sought after by businesses for not only international business activities, but also interpreter positions. Education, healthcare and social service industries also have an increased demand for well-versed Spanish speaking professionals.

General Education Program: 46-49 University requirements.

42 credits as follows:
24 credits:
ENG 412 Introduction to Language, 3 cr.
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I, 3 cr.
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II, 3 cr.
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I, 3 cr.
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II, 3 cr.
SPA 301 Latin American Civilizations, 3 cr.

SPA 401 Introduction to Literary Studies in Spanish, 3 cr.
SPA 402 Hispanic Literature of Social Conscience, 3 cr.

18 credits from the following:
(only one course among SPA 320, SPA 322, and SPA 324 may be taken since they are taught in English)
SPA 302 History and Culture of Spain, 3 cr.
SPA 311 Advanced Spanish Grammar, 3 cr.
SPA 312 Advanced Composition and Conversation in Spanish, 3 cr.
SPA 320 Hispanic Experience in the United States, 3 cr.
SPA 322 To Be A Woman in Latin America, 3 cr.
SPA 324 Truth and Memory in Latin America, 3 cr.
SPA 404 Special Topics, 3 cr.
SPA 411 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature, 3 cr.
SPA 412 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature, 3 cr.
SPA 413 Twentieth Century Hispanic Literature, 3 cr.
SPA 414 Independent Study, 1-3 cr.
SPA 497 Internship, 1-3 cr.

18-24 credits:
Minor courses


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