Music administration

Music Administration

Inspired to share music with others.

As a musician or as someone passionate about the music industry, you know that music can inspire people from all walks of life. Through Marian’s music administration program, you’ll be inspired to merge your business and musical talents and find an exciting career for your future.

The Program
Your experience in Marian’s music administration program will feature a broad liberal arts foundation, and courses centered on applied music, music theory, music history and business. The program is characterized by personal, one-on-one support and hands-on learning, all of which are aimed to assist you in achieving your goals.

The Possibilities
As a student in the music administration program, you’ll benefit from a variety of courses in both business and music, allowing you the opportunity to remain competitive in the music industry field. In addition, you will engage in music performance opportunities and internships with music agencies and businesses that will help you advance your career.

The Results
Through hands-on experience, graduates of the music administration program find positions in record company operations, artist management, music publishing, music performance, marketing, public relations, merchandising and music production.

The Marian Difference
At Marian University, you’ll find quality faculty and staff willing to assist you and share their years of knowledge and experience. Through personal support and hands-on experience, you’ll graduate prepared to enter the workforce and make an impact in the world of music.

Program Information

General Education Program: 46-49 credits of University requirements

Music courses
0 credits:
MUS 010, 020, 030, 040, 050, 060, 070 Concert Attendance, 0 cr.

32 credits:
MUS 211 Music Theory I, 3 cr.
MUS 212 Music Theory II, 3 cr.
MUS 281 Introduction to the Music Industry, 3 cr.
MUS 282 Promotion & Marketing in Music, 3 cr.
MUS 301 History and Literature of Music I, 3 cr.
MUS 302 History and Literature of Music II, 3 cr.
MUS 303 Music Since 1900, 2 cr.
MUS 311 Music Theory III, 3 cr.
MUS 312 Music Theory IV, 3 cr.
MUS 381 Legal Issues in Music, 3 cr.
MUS 382 Practicum in Music Administration, 3 cr.

7 credits from the following:
MUS 104 Beginning Voice Class, 1 cr.
MUS 121, 122, 221, 222, 321, 322, 421, 422 Voice, ½-1 cr. per semester
MUS 131, 132, 231, 232, 331, 332, 431, 432 Keyboard: Piano and Organ, ½-1 cr. per semester
MUS 141, 142, 241, 242, 341, 342, 441, 442 Strings, ½-1 cr. per semester
MUS 151, 152, 251, 252, 351, 352, 451, 452 Woodwinds, ½-1 cr. per semester
MUS 161, 162, 261, 262, 361, 362, 461, 462 Brass, ½-1 cr. per semester
MUS 171, 172, 271, 272, 371, 372, 471, 472 Percussion, ½-1 cr. per semester
MUS 376 Junior Recital, ½ cr.

1 credit:
MUS 476 Senior Recital, 1 cr.

2 credits: (except piano majors)
MUS 111 Beginning Keyboard Class, 1 cr.
MUS 112 Keyboard Class II, 1 cr.

7 credits:
MUS 107 Women's Chorale, 0-1 cr.
MUS 130 Collegiate Wind Ensemble, 0-1 cr. per semester
MUS 140 Chamber Ensemble, 0-1 cr. per semester
MUS 150 Orchestra, 0-1 cr. per semester
MUS 170 Jazz Ensemble, 0-1 cr. per semester
MUS 209 Vocal Jazz Ensemble, 0-1 cr.
MUS 220 Chamber Singers, 0-1 cr.

3 credits:
MUS 497 Internship in Music Administration, 1-3 cr.

3-6 credits* from the following:
MUS 202 American Music, 3 cr.
MUS 203 Jazz Survey, 3 cr.
MUS 224 Beginning Conducting, 2 cr.
MUS 226 Choral Conducting, 2 cr.
MUS 234 Instrumental Conducting, 2 cr.
MUS 411 Arranging, 1 cr.
Acceptable substitutes

* Electives are determined by the academic advisor and the student, and are selected in accordance with the particular areas of the music industry that the student intends to pursue. There should be a total of at least 9 credits of electives from music and from business administration or public relations courses.

One of the following minors is required

Business administration minor
18 credits:
ACC 201 Financial Accounting, 3 cr.
BUA 350 Business Law, 3 cr.
ECO 201 Macroeconomics, 3 cr.
MGT 213 Principles of Management, 3 cr.
MKT 201 Principles of Marketing, 3 cr.
TEC 200 Fundamentals of Information Technology, 3 cr.

Public relations minor
18 credits:
COM 100 Introduction to Communication, 3 cr.
COM 202 Writing for Media, 3 cr.
COM 215 Introduction to Public Relations, 3 cr.
COM 232 Public Speaking, 3 cr.
COM 302 Intercultural Communication, 3 cr.
COM 315 Public Relations Writing and Practice, 3 cr.

6 credits:
COM Communication electives (must be at the 300-400 level)

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.

All music administration majors must pass a keyboard proficiency examination.
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Fun Fact

In comparison to colleges in the area, the average GPA of incoming first year students at Marian is 3.11 (Source: Marian University Office of Institutional Research, Incoming Class of 2013-14).

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