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The Marian University History major is designed to provide students with a well-balanced undergraduate program of study that not only contains a traditional focus on the United States and Europe, but also involves course work in non-Western areas such as Africa and Asia. Students may also explore women’s, American Indian and Latin American History, as well as the history of American minorities.

The History program, available as a major or minor, provides undergraduate students with museum and archival internship placements allowing you to add experience to your résumé; close professional working relationships with professors and an awareness of and appreciation for research and historical evaluation; and well-balanced historical focus with the flexibility to develop your own historical interest.

General Education Program: 46-49 University requirements. HIS 101 and HIS 102 are counted in the major.

50 credits:
University electives

36 credits as follows:
18 credits:
HIS 101 World Civilizations I, 3 cr.
HIS 102 World Civilizations II, 3 cr.
HIS 111 History of the United States to 1877, 3 cr.
HIS 112 History of the United States from 1877, 3 cr.
HIS 214 History of Wisconsin, 3 cr.
HIS 378 Historical Materials, 1 cr.
HIS 379 Historiography, 1 cr.
HIS 479 Senior Paper, 1 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 301 Church History to Reformation, 3 cr.
HIS 302 Church History since the Reformation, 3 cr.
HIS 303 History of England, 3 cr.
HIS 410 19 th Century Europe, 3 cr.
HIS 422 20 th Century Europe, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 314 American Constitutional Development, 3 cr.
HIS 408 History of American Foreign Policy, 3 cr.
HIS 415 Recent American History, 3 cr.
HIS 416 History/Culture of American Indians, 3 cr.
HIS 425 The Civil War Era 1850-1877, 3 cr.
HIS 436 Controversies in American History, 3 cr.
HIS 490 Seminar in American History, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 342 Topics in Ancient History, 3 cr.
HIS 405 History of the Modern Middle East, 3 cr.
HIS 423 History of Latin America, 3 cr.
HIS 426 History of Africa, 3 cr.
HIS 431 History of Monsoon Asia, 3 cr.
HIS 438 Controversies in World History, 3 cr.
HIS 492 Seminar in World History, 3 cr.

20.1 ACT

Fun Fact

The average ACT composite score of incoming first year students at Marian is 20.1, which is higher than several colleges in the area (Source: Marian University Office of Institutional Research, Incoming Class of 2013-14 ).

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