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A bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Marian University prepares you for your post-baccalaureate options — your first professional work experience or graduate studies. Through lectures and laboratory opportunities, students gain valuable experience that places emphasis on research and analysis.

General Education Program: 46-49 credits of University requirements. Major satisfies the lab sciences, mathematics, and the natural science elective core courses.

34-36 credits:
CHE 101 Principles of Chemistry I, 4 cr.
CHE 102 Principles of Chemistry II, 4 cr.
CHE 201 Organic Chemistry I, 3 cr.
CHE 202 Organic Chemistry II, 3 cr.
CHE 251 Organic Chemistry I Lab, 1 cr.
CHE 252 Organic Chemistry II Lab, 1 cr.
CHE 300 Analytical Chemistry, 4 cr.
CHE 301 Instrumental Analysis, 4 cr.
CHE 401 Physical Chemistry I, 3 cr.
CHE 402 Physical Chemistry II, 3 cr.
CHE 412 Chemistry Literature and Seminar, 1 cr.
CHE 420 Senior Research, 1-3 cr.
CHE 451 Physical Chemistry I Lab, 1 cr.
CHE 452 Physical Chemistry II Lab, 1 cr.

2 credits:
CHE Chemistry electives, 2 cr. (choose from course numbers above 200)

Chemistry/middle-secondary education double majors are strongly recommended to take CHE 302: Biochemistry as their chemistry elective. Other science courses required for chemistry/middle-secondary education are:
BIO 101 Biological Principles I and Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 102 Biological Principles II and Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 104 Environmental Science and Lab, 4 cr.

Other requirements
20 credits:
MAT 201 Calculus I, 5 cr.
MAT 202 Calculus II, 5 cr.
PHS 203 University Physics I, 5 cr.
PHS 205 University Physics II, 5 cr.


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There are seven TV’s in the Hornung Student Center (Source: Sodexo Dining Services).

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