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Broad Field Science Education

Inspired by science and one's desire to teach others, students in the Broad Field Science Education program are qualified instructors in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, environmental science, and physics. The Broad Field Science program coupled with a Middle-Secondary Education licenses a teacher to teach any science class for grades 5-10, and any basic science course in grades 11-12. Marian graduates interested in teaching high school college preparatory classes, advanced placement courses or elective courses with content depth must also have a concentration in a specific subject area.

General Education Program: 46-49 University requirements including: BIO 100 and BIO 150, or BIO 104 or BIO 114; CHE 101 or CHE 103 or PHS 102 or PHS 108 or PHS 110 or PHS 203 or PHS 211; MUS 101 or MUS 200 or MUS 202 or MUS 203 or MUS 205; ART elective core; HIS 101, PSY 105; and COM 101 or COM 232.

Other requirements
6 credits:
POS 205 American Government, 3 cr.
HIS 102 or HIS 111 or HIS 112, 3 cr.

60 credits as follows:

14 Biology credits including:
BIO 104 Environmental Science and Lab, 4 cr.

14 Chemistry credits:

8 credits:
Earth and Space Science
PHS 108 Earth Science & Lab, 4 cr.
PHS 110 Introduction to Meteorology & Lab, 4 cr.

8 credits:

10 credits:
Biology, Chemistry, and/or Philosophy of Science

6 credits:

Additional requirements
38 credits: Students also complete the education requirements for the Middle-Secondary Education Program.
(See School of Education section for middle - secondary education major requirements.)


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