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Art (Studio)

Students who graduate with a degree in Studio Art will have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marian University, a degree that emphasizes creative skills. With a quality portfolio of artwork, the student will be qualified to apply to graduate schools in fine art. For those seeking immediate employment, the B.A. degree is very attractive to a wide range of employers seeking creative people who have a broad-based four-year university education.

Studio Art combines the tradition and satisfaction of creative art making with a strong liberal arts education. Through art studies at Marian, students come to understand the nature of art, the history of art, and the role of art in societies past and present. Students learn how art can lead to a very rewarding and successful career. Upon completion of the Studio Art program, students enter the world with the knowledge of how to accomplish effective and unique designs in multiple facets of the profession.

General Education Program: 46-49 University requirements. Major satisfies the art common core and elective core courses.

Foreign Language requirement

12 credits or equivalent:
Language requirement for BA

Other requirements

16-17 credits:
University electives

Art courses

54 credits as follows:

18 credits:
ART 111 Basic Drawing, 3 cr.
ART 201 Design, 3 cr.
ART 202 Basic Painting, 3 cr.
ART 211 Basic Sculpture, 2-3 cr.
ART 303 Life Drawing, 3 cr.
ART 400 Senior Seminar in Art, 3 cr.

12 credits from the following:
ART 230 Survey of Art History I, 3 cr.
ART 236 Contemporary Art History, 1-3 cr.
ART 240 Survey of Art History II, 3 cr.
ART Art History elective, 3 cr.

12 credits:
ART Studio Art electives (any art courses other than area of concentration)

12 credits:
Two-dimensional or three-dimensional visual arts concentration

Two-Dimensional Visual Arts Concentration

ART 222 Intermediate Drawing I, 3 cr.
ART 333 Intermediate Drawing II, 3 cr.
ART 444 Advanced Drawing I, 3 cr.
ART 445 Advanced Drawing II, 3 cr.

Graphic arts

3 credits:
ART 203 Introduction to Graphic Arts, 3 cr.

9 credits from the following:
ART 205 Digital Imaging, 3 cr.
ART 207 Computer Illustration, 3 cr.
ART 340 Web Design, 3 cr.
COM 333 Computer Applications for Communication, 3 cr.
ART 397 Internship, 1-3 cr.

ART 302 Intermediate Painting I, 3 cr.
ART 362 Intermediate Painting II, 3 cr.
ART 461 Advanced Painting I, 3 cr.
ART 462 Advanced Painting II, 3 cr.


9 credits from the following:
ART 250 Printmaking, 3 cr.
ART 350 Intermediate Printmaking, 3 cr.
ART 441 Advanced Printmaking I, 3 cr.

3 credits from the following:
ART 351 Collagraph, 3 cr.
ART 352 Relief, 3 cr.
ART 353 Serigraph, 3 cr.

Three-Dimensional Visual Arts Concentration

ART 212 Basic Ceramics, 3 cr.
ART 312 Intermediate Ceramics, 3 cr.
ART 412 Advanced Ceramics I, 3 cr.
ART 413 Advanced Ceramics II, 3 cr.


9 credits from the following:
ART 370 Fiber Arts: Stitchery, 3 cr.
ART 371 Fiber Arts: Weaving, 3 cr.
ART 372 Fiber Arts: Puppetry, 3 cr.
ART 373 Fiber Arts: Dye Applications, 3 cr.
ART 374 Fiber Arts: Leather, 3 cr.

3 credits:
ART 424 Advanced Fibers, 3 cr.

ART 311 Intermediate Sculpture I, 3 cr.
ART 321 Intermediate Sculpture II, 3 cr.
ART 411 Advanced Sculpture I, 3 cr.
ART 421 Advanced Sculpture II, 3 cr.

0 credits:
ART 010, 020, 030, 040 Art Exhibition Attendance, 0 cr.


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