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Organizational Communication

The organizational communication program prepares students for the creation, support, and restoration of communication structures, networks, and the flow of communication in organizations. The program provides a solid foundation in effective communication skills, combined with communication theories and principles. Students also explore intercultural communication and ethical issues in communication as key elements of the major.


Liberal arts core

45 credits:

ENG 230 Professional Composition and Research Writing, 3 cr.

MUS xxx Music elective, 3 cr.

ENG xxx Literature elective, 3 cr.

ART xxx Art elective, 3 cr. (ART 201 preferred)

BIO xxx Ecological or environmental science elective, 3 cr.

PHS xxx Physical science, chemistry, meteorology, or physics elective, 3 cr.

MAT xxx Mathematics elective, 3 cr.

SOC xxx Sociology elective, 3 cr.

PSY xxx Psychology elective, 3 cr.

HIS 114 World History since 1900, 3 cr.

HIS 2xx History elective, 3 cr.

THE 101 Introduction to Christian Theology, 3 cr.

THE 2xx Theology elective, 3 cr.

PHI 130 Philosophy and Values, 3 cr.

PHI 2xx Philosophy elective, 3 cr.

Required major courses

18 credits:

COM 100 Introduction to Communication, 3 cr.

COM 202 Writing for Media, 3 cr.

COM 232 Public Speaking, 3 cr.

COM 302 Intercultural Communication, 3 cr.

COM 401 Legal Issues in Communication, 3 cr.

COM 406 Organizational Communication Senior Project, 3 cr.

Emphasis area

18 credits:

COM 321 Organizational Behavior and Communication, 3 cr.

COM 322 Argumentation and Persuasion, 3 cr.

COM 324 Interpersonal Communication, 3 cr.

COM 334 Discussion and Small Group Interaction, 3 cr.

COM 400 Theories in Communication, 3 cr.

COM 420 Professional Presentations, 3 cr.


COM 431 Training and Assessment in Communication, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:

COM 210 Mass and Digital Communication, 3 cr.

COM 215 Introduction to Public Relations, 3 cr.

MGT 213 Principles of Management, 3 cr.

MGT 311 Human Resource Management, 3 cr.

MKT 201 Principles of Marketing, 3 cr.

41 credits:

University electives


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