Criminal justice

Criminal Justice

Inspiring a safe, secure community.

You’re inspired to serve the community and fill a need in our nation’s security and safety measures. That’s why you feel called to complete your bachelor’s degree through Marian University’s criminal justice program.

The Program
Through Marian’s criminal justice program, you’ll engage in a challenging curriculum centered on the three segments of the American criminal justice system – law enforcement, correctional institutions and social and juvenile justice. You’ll gain an understanding of the nature of crime, institutions and processes that are in place to assist in preventing or responding to crime. You’ll broaden your perspective by learning alongside many fellow students who bring experience working in criminal justice agencies, police forces, correctional institutions and other settings.

The Convenience
Our criminal justice program has been designed specifically for working adults like you, offering the kind of convenience and personalized support that will help you make the most of your experience and earn your Bachelor of Criminal Justice on your terms, based on your needs and focused on your future. We offer you convenient learning centers in Appleton, Fond du Lac and West Allis, as well as convenient evening courses from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Some courses are available online; you can start your program in the fall, spring or summer; and you'll be able to proceed through the program at your own pace by taking one or more courses per 7-week term.

The Marian Reputation
At Marian we’ve been educating Wisconsin’s adult learners for nearly 80 years. We know criminal justice and law enforcement because our faculty, students, and graduates have helped shape the criminal justice landscape. As a Marian student pursuing your Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree, you’ll find the convenience of a program designed with your needs in mind, including the relevancy and quality that comes from a faculty compromised of criminal justice experts. You’ll also find the kind of inspired results that come from our strong connections with major law enforcement officers who helped craft our programs based on what they are looking for in criminal justice graduates.

Program Information

Liberal arts core
45 credits:
ENG 230 Professional Composition and Research Writing, 3 cr.
ART Art elective, 3 cr.
MUS Music elective, 3 cr.
ENG Literature elective, 3 cr.
BIO Biological, ecological or environmental science elective, 3 cr.
PHS Physical science, chemistry, meteorology, or physics elective, 3 cr.
MAT Mathematics elective, 3 cr.
SOC Sociology elective, 3 cr.
PSY General Psychology or Human Development, 3 cr.
HIS 114 World History Since 1900, 3 cr.
HIS 2xx History elective, 3 cr.
THE 101 Introduction to Christian Theology, 3 cr.
THE 2xx Theology elective, 3 cr.
PHI 130 Philosophy and Values, 3 cr.
PHI 2xx Philosophy elective, 3 cr.

Criminal justice courses
36 credits:
CRJ 101 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, 3 cr.
CRJ 102 Constitutional Law, 3 cr.
CRJ 201 Criminal Law, 3 cr.
CRJ 203 Juvenile Law, 3 cr.
CRJ 212 Correctional Institutions, 3 cr.
CRJ 220 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice, 3 cr.
CRJ 301 Criminal Investigation, 3 cr.
CRJ 303 Law Enforcement Administration, 3 cr.
CRJ 305 Community-Based Corrections (Probation/Parole), 3 cr.
CRJ 310 Criminology, 3 cr.
CRJ 312 Crisis Intervention and Management, 3 cr.
CRJ 400 Criminal Justice Seminar, 3 cr.

15 credits from the following:
CRJ 306 Understanding Gang Formation and Behavior, 3 cr.
CRJ 307 Crimes Against Children, 3 cr.
CRJ 308 Professional and Crisis Communication, 3 cr.
CRJ 330 Crime Prevention and Community Safety, 3 cr.
CRJ 350 Principles of Professional Practice Topics, 3 cr.
CRJ 403 Traffic/Patrol Procedures, 3 cr.
CRJ 404 Criminal Justice - Special Topics, 1-3 cr.
CRJ 409 HAZMAT/EMS for Police Officers, 3 cr.
CRJ 420 Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, 3 cr.
HOS 342 Research Methods, 3 cr.
HOS 405 Critical Perspectives of Disasters, 3 cr.
HOS 407 Critical Perspectives of Terrorism, 3 cr.
HSL 201 Introduction to Homeland Security, 3 cr.
HSL 305 Leadership and Organizational Management, 3 cr.
HSL 313 Emergency Planning, 3 cr.
HSL 350 Administrative Law, 3 cr.
HSL 495 Capstone Project in Homeland Security, 3 cr.
PSY 211 Abnormal Psychology, 3 cr.

32 credits:
University electives

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.


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Marian has three Greek organizations on campus (Source: Student Handbook, 2013-2014).

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