What Are You Inspired to Do?

What is Marian University all about?

 Students on MU signIt’s about outstanding academic programs designed to meet the needs of undergraduate, graduate students, and working adults. It’s about a distinguished faculty, a flexible curriculum, and a whole world of exciting research, internship and other experiential learning opportunities.

Above all, it’s about being inspired to be whoever you want to be…

A thinker in constant pursuit of new ideas to open your mind … an achiever who firmly believes that the best lessons are those learned through real-life experiences … an adventurer ever ready to embrace a new experience, or make a new friend … a champion, a fierce competitor on the field or the court, and a fully engaged student in the classroom … a leader passionate about social justice, who seeks a life full of values, faith, meaning, and purpose.

Marian University will inspire you to be more than just a student, a teacher, a roommate, a best friend, an athlete, a coach, an administrator, a graduate.


Fun Fact

83% of adult students at Marian self-report that faculty are available outside of the classroom (Source: Noel-Levitz Adult Student Priorities Survey, April 2014).

Campus Info

Marian University - Main Campus
45 S. National Ave.
Fond du Lac, WI 54935-4699

CALL: 1-800-2-MARIAN (1-800-262-7426)
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